Bellicon — Bounce Your Way to a Faster Metabolism

Discover the surprising benefits of a Bellicon rebounder: ✓ Engage every muscle in your body using the power of gravity! ✓ Boost your metabolism! ✓ Help your lymph system remove toxins!

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When most people think of exercise, they think about exerting effort. After all, whether you’re doing a long bout of steady-state cardio or lifting weights, your muscles are working hard.

But there’s a revolutionary fitness breakthrough called rebounding — or bouncing on a mini trampoline — that uses gravity to to achieve several critical benefits compared to traditional exercise.

Each time you land on the trampoline, the sudden change in acceleration causes every cell in your body to experience a tiny amount of cellular stress, which in turn stimulates production of ATP in your cell. When you produce more ATP, you have more energy.

Also, with each bounce, almost every muscle in your body is recruited to maintain your balance and upright posture. All those little muscular contractions add up fast.

One of the most interesting physiological benefits is that rebounding improves fat-burning by stimulating the flow of lymph, a fluid that circulates in its own vessels (the lymphatic system). But it has to do it without a pump, like the heart. Rebounding uses g-force to turn your whole body into a super effective lymphatic pump! And here’s the kicker: lymph is the body’s major fat-processing system because it carries fatty acids to the liver, our main fat-burning organ, for further processing and metabolism.

And one of my favorite benefits is that rebounding stimulates lymph flow so well that you can see a noticeable reduction in puffiness after even just 10 minutes of rebounding.

Not all trampolines are created equal, though. As anyone who has ever jolted when landing on a trampoline can tell you, the impact on the joints is still there, although to a lower extent than you feel when working out on solid ground. There’s also a risk of pinching fingers or toes in the hard metal springs.

Bellicon is different than traditional trampolines because it’s designed for the lowest impact possible. Instead of hard metal springs, Bellicon uses hypoallergenic bungees – resulting in a nearly-silent bounce that activates every muscle group and then offers you reentry at up to three times the normal gravity.

With the ability to customize your bungees, colors, frame sizes, and even add-on accessories, there is literally a Bellicon rebounder for everyone. Head on over to the Bellicon website to learn more and order your rebounder today.