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Food is an important part of life. Not only does it give us nutrition and energy, but it’s also a source of joy for many people. But preparing delicious, inventive meals can be difficult — especially if you’re new to cooking.

If you do find a good recipe, finding the ingredients can be an entirely different challenge. Grocery store produce isn’t always fresh enough, and who even knows what to look for in meat and seafood?

By working directly with farmers and customers, Blue Apron is revolutionizing the people get their groceries delivered. They’re working to reduce the environmental impact of farming by harvesting foods that are in-season, and only as much as they actually need. And, their deliveries are built around the chef-selected recipes you’re sure to love (customizable from within your account).

Their farm-to-kitchen system eliminates all the middlemen, bringing you a better price and fresher ingredients, while helping achieve their goal of a better, greener food supply chain.

No more produce sitting on shelves for weeks at a time. No more oversupply and spoilage. And, with excess at the facility level going to charity programs, Blue Apron sees a future with zero food waste.

Would you like to be a part of that future? Check out Blue Apron to learn more and sign up for your first week.