Elf Emmit — Set Your Optimal Brainwave Frequency

This device will totally CHANGE your life! ✓ Achieve deep meditation ✓ Relax after hard day ✓ Learn up to 4 times faster ✓ Concentrate when you need to ✓ Fight insomnia without chemistry.

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Does it ever seem like your brain is in high gear at all the wrong times? You drudge through the day with no concentration or memory, and then at night your brain decides to bring up everything that’s happened in the last five years (and everything that could happen in the next six months).

Then, we wake up in the morning, only to repeat the cycle again.

This miscommunication all comes down to your brainwaves being out of sync. The body has its own natural brainwaves, and doing something that relies on a different wavelength is next to impossible.

You can wait until your brainwaves fall back in sync… Or you can coax them into the rhythm you need. For those who prefer the second option, the ELF Emmit may be just the ticket.

This small, light headband is actually a wearable med-tech device, designed to stimulate five particular frequencies in the brain. Whether you need help falling asleep, relaxing after a long day, concentrating at work, retaining information when studying, or even help meditating, the safe and patented device will gently nudge your brain in the right direction, all from within the easy-to-use smartphone app.

This isn’t a new technology – in fact, the practice of altering brainwaves dates all the way back to ancient times. Electromagnetic stimulation has been used in medicine and neurology for over fifty years, too, but until recently, this stimulation only came from big, bulky headgear.

With ELF Emmit, the scientifically-proven health benefits of Pulsated Electromagnetic Stimulation is available for everyone in a small, portable, and convenient package. Check out the ELF Emmit website for more information or to take advantage of their 30-day testing period.