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The Law of Attraction is nothing new — the original concept was originally written about over a hundred years ago. Yet with all the history on its side, many people fail to get the results they want when following a law of attraction program. Why is this? It really boils down to two reasons.

First, most programs don’t address what not to do. They focus on the steps you need to follow, but fail to address the things that could go wrong. Second, many so-called gurus are flooding the market with information that is incomplete, inconsistent, or even flat-out incorrect! “Law of attraction” has become a market buzzword and everyone teaches something slightly different.

Ready to leave the world of hype behind? Law of Attraction Pro may be the perfect law of attraction course for you. Bradley Thompson has been living the law of attraction for over 15 years, and he wants to share that experience with you. This three-CD audio course offers a comprehensive look at the law of attraction — from history to implementation, tips to techniques. And, unlike many other courses, Law of Attraction Pro also gives you access to some of the earliest teachings on the subject — at no additional cost.

If you’re not manifesting everything you want out of life – even after all the books, the movies, and the seminars – it’s time to take it from the real expert. Head on over to Law of Attraction Pro to learn more today.