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When it comes to comfort in the mattress world, memory foam is hard to beat. It’s soft, comfortable, and accommodates pressure points. It can also help keep you cooler, as it doesn’t warm up as much as a traditional spring mattress does.

However, there are some issues with memory foam mattresses, too. Most are made of synthetic materials, which increases the chances of chemical sensitivities. They may contain filler materials which harbor bed bugs and dust mites – little critters that are annoying to all and an allergen to many.

If you’re looking for a better alternative to memory foam beds, a Nectar mattress may be just the answer. Each layer of their special mattress was designed from the floor up to be comfortable and hypoallergenic. The four special performance layers each play a role in support, cooling, or recovery, and they work together to form the most comfortable mattress you’ll ever sleep on.

We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential for your overall health, but few understand how much of a difference your mattress can make. That’s why Nectar gives you a full year to make sure your new mattress is just right for you. Isn’t it time you treated yourself?

For more information or to take advantage of the 365-night in-home sleep trial, head on over to the Nectar Mattress website.