Personal Motivation Hypnosis Bundle

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Why is it that personal motivation can ebb and flow like the tides? One day you’re full of energy and focus for that project, and the next you can barely bring yourself to even think about it.

We all know that perseverance is essential for success in any field, so why is it so hard to maintain personal motivation over the long term?

If you have ever felt guilty about a home project that never got finished (or started!), a business idea that was stillborn, or a work project that just should have been better, you’ll know what a tricky beast personal motivation can be.

No matter how confident or certain you are that ‘this time will be different’, a couple of days into the next big thing, and it’s as if that original enthusiasm never existed. You grope around your mind for it, finding only boredom and distraction.

You are not a machine

To maintain personal motivation over the long term, certain things need to be in place. You need to be approaching your project in the right way, to be taking care of yourself properly, and to avoid making certain mistakes such as talking about your project to others too soon.

Plus, and it’s a big plus, you absolutely need to prepare your mind in the right way. After all, it’s the mental approach that sets apart the high achievers from the also-rans. And this is where the Power Personal Motivation Pack will get you firing on all cylinders.

The Personal Motivation Pack contains these 5 carefully selected downloads:

  • Success Motivation — get your unconscious mindset locked on target.
  • Act on Your Ideas — get yourself moving from dream to reality.
  • Believe in Yourself — learn new patterns of behaviour that help you develop an unshakeable trust in your abilities.
  • Expect the Best — when the going gets tough, you’ll need powerful optimism on your side.
  • Think Big — get the confidence to think big and expand your ‘comfort zone’.