Size Genetics Penis Extender

A certified medical type 1 device designed to permanently lengthen your penis (explicit images)

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What if you could extend the size of your penis, without surgery or questionable pills? Most men have wondered what it would be like, but relatively few put in the work to make it happen. The truth is that there is an easy, fast, and comfortable way to get the penis of your dreams: Size Genetics.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Penis extenders are notorious for being uncomfortable and ineffective. However, Size Genetics is different. With their unique 58-way comfort system, this device adapts no matter what position you’d like to wear it in. A more comfortable extender means you’re more likely to use it – resulting in more gains at a much faster rate.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Size Genetics also offers an unmatched 2,800-gram traction tension – up to 50% more than other leading penis extension devices. This high traction tension allows the device to work more effectively than the others. Combined with their two-decade track record and impressive medical device certification, Size Genetics can’t be beat.

Of course, results will vary based on your exact situation and frequency of use, but Size Genetics is also the only penis extender on the market that offers real user-submitted before and after pictures. To check those out and learn more about Size Genetics today, head on over to their website now.