Spire — Reduce Stress Using Your Breath

An innovative device that uses your breath to release tension, increase focus, and create a sense of calm.

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There are plenty of apps out there that teach you how to meditate. Some apps even teach you the science and history of mindfulness and meditation, which is great, too. But, there’s only one app out there that tells you when you should meditate instead of just how and why.

Spire.io uses science based on clinical studies in order to learn exactly how your body responds to stress. Since the easiest way to measure our body’s stress levels is through our breathing patterns, this is exactly the data that Spire.io relies on.

However, not all stress is bad stress. When you take the anxiety out of the equation, high-stress situations can yield incredible focus potential – as long as you know how to take the anxiety out of it!

With the simple-to-use, durable device clipped onto your clothing, your breaths are translated into useful statistics in real time. Learn about the times when you are most tense, most focused, and even most calm. Then, by simply following the guided audio exercises that are sent to your phone, you can harness the incredible power of your breath – exactly when you need it the most.

If you’re ready to take a deeper look at the science behind your breathing, check out the Spire website to see what all the Spire device and app can do for you.