This Naked Mind — Reduce or Eliminate Desire for Alcohol

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Millions of people worry that drinking is affecting their health, yet are unwilling to seek change because of the misery and stigma associated with alcoholism and recovery. They fear drinking less will be boring, involving deprivation, difficulty and significant lifestyle changes.

Annie Grace offers a new solution. This presentation, packed with surprising insight into the reasons we drink — it will open your eyes to the startling role of alcohol in our culture. Annie brilliantly weaves psychological, neurological, cultural, social and industry factors with her extraordinarily candid journey resulting in a must-watch for anyone who drinks.

In a world defined by ‘never enough,’ Annie takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of alcohol — and specifically the connection between alcohol and pleasure. She dispels the cultural myth that alcohol is a vital part of life and demonstrates how regaining control over alcohol is essential to personal happiness and fulfillment.