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When you’re struggling with gut problems, it feels like your life is on hold. Without an accurate diagnosis, many people suffer in silence – unaware of what to do to make the situation better. With the help of your doctor, you can check for many common ailments, but what if the test method you use doesn’t catch everything?

That’s where Ubiome comes in. Ordered by your doctor and covered (in full or in part) by many health insurance companies, Ubiome tests your small, mess-free sample against the world’s largest microbiome database. With this database they are able to identify the good and bad microbiomes that are present in your body and determine what’s causing your symptoms – once and for all.

Although there are many testing methods that help diagnose gut problems, Ubiome is different. Their easy-to-use sample collection kit includes clear, simple instructions and relies on a much smaller sample – meaning less mess for you. Once you have your sample, simply mail it back in the prepaid return mailer and easy-to-understand results will be sent to both you and your doctor.

Most importantly, since Ubiome uses the world’s largest database, they are able to find microorganisms that can only be detected by DNA sequencing – leading you to a faster, more accurate diagnosis. For more information or to order your first sample kit, please head on over to the Ubiome website today.