Vitagene — Genetic Test to Determine Your Optimal Diet & Exercise Plan

Discover the keys to your personalized, optimal weight loss program with a simple DNA test.

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We all know that diet and exercise are the keys to a healthy life. But for years, we’ve been taught that there is only one right way to do it, despite the many genetic differences between us. The reality isn’t that simple, though.

You see, most diet and exercise plans don’t take into account your own personal requirements. We know that we’re all genetically a little bit different, and those little differences can add up to huge differences when there are enough of them.

Does it really make sense to eat and exercise based on someone else’s body? Vitagene doesn’t think so.

Vitagene offers you a simple saliva test that tells you your exact diet and exercise needs — based on the genetic markers that make you a unique individual. They understand that it’s not about what the experts do, it’s about what you do to live a healthier life, one day at a time.

While genetics aren’t the only important factor in your health, using genetic insights as a part of your overall health routine can give you an advantage. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, excel in sports, or just live a life of wellness, Vitagene will help you identify your own genetic needs (and the areas where your genes are working on your side).

With 23 genes tested and 3 distinct profiles for each, there’s a lot of room for customization. Your environment and personal preferences are taken into consideration when they design your plan, so you can rest assured knowing that this plan truly is tailored to your specific situation.

Simply order your kit, send it back, and in about 10 business days you’ll have an easy-to-understand report including an optimized health plan, including diet, exercise, or both. If you’re ready to learn more information and order your kit today, head on over to Vitagene.